What to do with a short time to teach sixth grade

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    I switched districts the day before school started. I now teach K-12 ESL at a very rural, title one school. The ESL population is growing, but it is currently very small, so I only teach K, 4th, and 6th grades. I am having both behavior issues with a sixth grade student and issues deciding what to teach this student.

    This student is from the Philippines and had a rough start to the school year. She works fine with me 1:1 but gives me the cold shoulder when I push in to help her in her homeroom class. At first, she would only give me the cold shoulder until she finished her work. Then, she would show me her work and allow me to help her fix it. Now, she refuses to show me anything unless she has no idea what she is doing and she is desperate for help. I do tend to hover, sometimes, so I am trying to back off and give her space, but I need to work on our relationship and make things click.

    Another problem is that administration has chopped my time with her into really small blocks, so I never get to start or finish projects with her. I have twenty minutes a day with her for ELA, ten minutes a day with her for guided reading, I visit her during morning meeting (where all the class does is talk about their weekend and play a game) for thirty minutes, and I take her to my class once a week.

    Her guided reading level is really low due to her main problem being a low English vocabulary, and she really struggles with guided reading. The real guided reading teacher is on maternity leave and the sub has never taught below 9th grade, so he has no idea what he is doing. I spoke to the sub in her guided reading class, as well as her ELA teacher, and I want to pull her out for 1:1 instruction during guided reading. However, I only have her for ten minutes during guided reading. What can I do with her? I can't leave her in her guided reading class because the teacher is reading books that are several levels above her reading level, and she never understands anything he says.

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