[Praxis] Best Guessing Methodology.

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    I am thinking of Praxis test in general here as there is no penalty for guessing.

    I am wondering if there is a best method for guessing on test questions where you have no clue.

    The three I have heard of:

    1. Answer all the questions you can. Randomly pick A, B, C, or D and mark all the unknowns as that letter.
    If you have eliminated an answer from your preferred letter, choose another and use that.

    2. Variant of 1. Look at all your answers you think are correct. Choose the one with the least amount of answers. So if there are 10 A, 8 B, 11 C, and 5 D. You choose all your unknown as D.
    If you have eliminated an answer for a question of D, then you choose B, A, C in order.

    3. You eliminate as many of the answers as you can. Hopefully to a 50-50. You start with A for the first unknown. THen on the next answer you choose B, then C, then D.
    Examples (the letter in bracket is the unknown default answer) :
    Question 1. (A) I eliminated B and C. Therefore I choose A.
    Question 2. (B) I eliminated A and B. My next open is C. B is skipped.
    Question 3. (D)I eliminate A. Therefore, I choose D.
    Question 4. (A) I eliminate A and B therefore I choose C.
    QUestion 5. (D) I eliminate C and D therefore I choose A.
    Hope this makes sense.

    Any other ideas or suggestions. I have used 1. But the more I think about it, I think number 2 would be best.

    I did 3 on practice tests without much success. I "guessed" on half the questions. I eliminated 'obvious' wrong answers.

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