Praxis 5001 (multiple subjects)...took/passed, some honest advice

Discussion in 'Multiple Subject Tests' started by Briegold9, Jan 25, 2019.

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    Jan 25, 2019

    Hey all,
    For any of you (like I was) who are freaking out about the elementary ed. Praxis (5001)...take a deep breath and relax.
    It honestly wasn't nearly as scary as all the test prep sites and books made it seem.
    I'm not gonna lie, one of my weak spots is that I am a procrastinator and rarely study. For this test, I set myself up with books, websites, the whole shabang.
    Yet...I barely touched any of it. I have been inside of mostly grade 3-5 classrooms and hold a degree in speech, language, hearing science, so I guess I felt I may not pass each test, but I could always retake them.

    The two I was mainly worried about were social studies (due to the incredible amount of information) and math. Because I had heard about how difficult the time constraint is on the math subsection (if you take all 4 sections at once), I opted to pay a bit extra and registered for the 4 separate exams. I took them all back to back, but it gave me an extra ten minutes on the math exam (the bit of extra time for the other 2 was nice, but I really only needed it for math/social studies). Also, when I finished early, I was able to take a break and refresh info before the next subject.
    If I'm gonna be frank, I went into that testing center with my own classroom knowledge, my major (SLHS) knowledge, a couple YouTube videos, and just being a good test taker.
    I seemed to get better as the exams went along. My first, Lang arts, I got a 165. Math was next, and that was the only test that I utilized every second I had. I scored 167. Then science: 175. Social studies: 176.
    Every state has different requirements, but I live in Colorado. I am required to have a 155 or above, except S.S. which is a 153.
    This is not a brag, or to take away from those of you that study for months before the exam...I simply want those about to take the test to consider their own experience, how well they taught during field experience/student teaching, and then buff up areas of weakness. I honestly thought I was going to have to retake at least two of the exams, yet those two exams I crushed. Just be smart with your time, really think about the questions, and use your best judgement. You are going to be a teacher soon, you have it in you.

    Good luck my friends, hope this helps.
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    What state are you in? Have you taken a teacher program already? I am trying to figure out which Praxis exam to take.

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