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    Hi folks,

    I am pursuing my M.Ed in Elementary Education and have been polling educators (both IRL and online) about their use and thoughts about arts in the classroom. I am compiling the answers for a project. I would really appreciate it if you could answer some or all of these questions! Thanks! :)

    This poll is for non-arts teachers. I am basically trying to find out if and how you incorporate arts (visual, drama, music, dance, literature) into your regular classroom (ie: English, Science, SS, etc....)

    When you answer, could you include your grade, the type of school & the years you have been teaching.

    1. How do you integrate art and humanities in your classroom?
    2. What is your philosophy of education?
    3. How do you decorate your classroom? Do you use music in instruction?
    4. Do you think more or less time should be spent on the arts? Why/ why not?
    5. Does your school administration encourage you to include arts in your instruction of other subjects?
    6. Has your class participated in arts related field trips or special activities/ assemblies? This can be either in or out of the classroom.
    7. Can you describe an classroom lesson or activity your created that incorporated 3 or more types of art?
    **For example, as part of an English assignment on the book Holes, you have students recreate the ending, perform monologues as characters, create an advertisement poster for the book, etc...
    8. In your opinion, do you think more or less time will be focused on the arts in the next 10-20 years?

    THANK YOU ALL!!! :)

    Enjoy the rest of the year and have a FABULOUS summer!!!

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