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    I am an English teacher in the UK and have been studying poetry with one of my classes. They are in the process of writing their own poems and I wondered if anybody would be interested in exchanging some poetry so that your class could read and critique the work of my class and vice versa.

    I think it would really motivate my pupils if they thought that their poems were going to be read and analysed by pupils in another country and I think it is a task that they would enjoy and remember.

    The theme of the poems my class have written is 'War'. The class is not a top group and they are fourteen years old.

    If anybody would be interested, or if anyone has tried such an idea in the past, please let me know.


    PS. I sense from some of the other messages on the board that it may well be the school holidays in the US and so I could be asking this question at compltetely the wrong time!

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