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Discussion in 'Middle School / Junior High' started by newguyonboard, Jul 25, 2018.

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    I'm an older teacher (graduated many years ago) looking to add on the MS 5-8 Social Studies cert but when I call NJ DOE to ask which classes they consider Social Studies related for which they will give credit, they tell me there is no list they release. They tell me to take the praxis, submit an app and pay them and hope I have enough credits that count.

    Does anybody with this cert specifically know what classes they took? I went to Rowan and have credits in Psych, Sociology, Poli Sci, Geography, and Western Civ. I also "CLEPed" out of Human Growth and Development, and some sort of History/Econ.

    I appreciate all who read this. Thanks for any assistance. Hope everybody is enjoying the summer.
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    Most likely you have the 15 credits you need. Human geography, anthropology, World History, Ancient Civilizations, American History, Economy, and more that I have forgot count towards this certification besides the ones you listed. It has the broadest range of courses accepted, especially when you consider that you just need 15 credits in no particular order. Take them at their word - pass the Praxis and submit the application. You can pay them to evaluate your transcript, but from what you are listing, it would be highly unlikely that you would be denied if the Praxis test is passing. I am assuming that you are an elementary ed. teacher already - you must hold the K-6 certificate to hold the MS Specialization certifications that aren't acquired K-12.

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