Length of class periods

Discussion in 'High School' started by ku_alum, Mar 31, 2009.

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    Interesting to see how this varies so much!
    Nearly all of the schools I have been at are semestered. 4 courses per semester, 8 per year.
    We have 4 75 minute blocks a day.
    I think if the class activities are switched up and it`s not the same for 75 minutes, that it can be a perfect length.. Sometimes too short when the kids really get into it :)
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    We have 90 min classes 4 days a week and 78 min classes 1 day. Last year I taught 3 block periods a day and had a 90 min prep. I like the 90 min classes but you really have to fit in a lesson and a half of info a day to finish. This year I have 2, 90 min blocks and 2, 40 min mini classes. . It will be my first time to teach such a short class and the first time teaching a elective
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    We have 42 minute periods, and I wouldn't want it any other way. 42 fast paced minutes. No time for screwing about.
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    As a science teacher I like the block schedule. The students like the 4x4 so they can focus on fewer courses at a time. It seemed so nice - slowed down, focus on learning, much more relaxed and academic compared to the 7 periods we had before. With the block the passing periods can be longer - potentially twice as long. I know of one school that had 15 minute passing periods - time to visit with students after class, time for everyone to use the restroom - fewer RR breaks during class. I also know of schools with 9 periods a day - constant mobilization - pretty much as described by blindteacher, March 31, 2009, and the passing periods were 2 minutes so I think the students were expected to use the RR during classes. But I think a lot of schools like shorter periods maybe because it looks to the outsider like there is a lot of healthy activity.
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    In my district, for the high schools, we have blocks.
    A block was an hour with two 5 minute passing periods before the block and after the block.
    We also have an Even Day/Odd Day System.
    It is enough time with good lesson planning and pacing.

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