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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by historyteacher09, Jan 29, 2017.

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    I have posted on here before about this but I am struggling....
    I am a first year teacher that was started Mid year (Started after winter break) teaching 8th grade Social Studies. I have one class where I can essentially teach whatever I want (it's called discovery). I was trying to do news media/ current events/ advertising.... but I AM STRUGGLING. And to top it all off my kids were complaining that my discovery class was boring and the activities we did were boring on friday. ( I had them read a current events article of their choice and complete a summarizing worksheet and present their issue to the class and their thoughts on the article).

    I just don't know what to do in this class to make my students less bored. I think it is important they know about current events and begging to develop opinions on issues. Should I just not let the kids complaints get to me or should I try to teach another topic for this class?
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    Unfortunately, it just sounds as if you have a sour and unmotivated class. I think teaching them about news media is a great idea. Maybe you could extend that with allowing them to do mock news reports in class. My old school had a broadcasting media elective course where students would get to present school related news to the school via the intercom or through each classroom' tv. In regards to current events, a former Social Studies teacher of mine would have us each Friday watch the news or select a newspaper article to write a paragraph summarizing its content and our reactions to the information for extra credit. You can also search Teachers Pay for related fun curriculum and lesson ideas such as news reporting, broadcasting, law, journalism, art history, or radio broadcasting.
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    Well..... worksheets aren't very interesting tbh, but hands-on, active earning always seems to get students attention! I teach 4th grade but we also cover advertising and economics.

    Possible ideas of how students could present current news, media, advertising, etc:
    -Students creating their own news cast
    -Readers theatre
    -Create their own newspaper
    -First person journal article / speech

    Just remember - not many students are going to want to sit down and just read and write the whole time. Project based learning helps to keep my students interested.
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    Great ideas here. If you have access to technology WeVideo is great software to get kids used to video editing. LucidPress is great to create professional type publications.

    Have kids use their phones to record video segments and share them out, or interview each other.
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    Try using CNN 10 for some of your current events content. My kids actually ask to watch it!
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    I agree! some classes are just like this! I have had several that are just quiet, unmotivated and rather dull. If they aren't causing trouble, I call that a relief. Even though, like you said, I wish they would show some spark.

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