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    I'm sure some of you have favorite software that helps you do everything faster, better, or easier.

    Mine two favorites are Firefox and Microsoft One Note (comes in Office now).

    There are a few Firefox add-ons that can really help for surfing and using forums (like this one). If you do not have Firefox, you can download it for free at http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

    Frankly, I don't know how people who use forums live without this. Allows you to format your post just by selecting and right clicking on an option, whether BBCode for a post or in HTML for you board wrappers. There are several other addons for using BBCode, but I think this one is by far the best. It will also format anything you have copied onto your clipboard.

    Forum Additive
    This is amazing, once you get the hang of it. Right click on a forum link or a post link, go to "Forum Additive", then choose "Moniter this Thread", and it will notify you every time someone posts that that forum or thread either by sound or popup. You can also go to the addon options and add your own username, so it will skip your own posts.

    This records patterns if you check the same threads over and over again. It's basically a macro creator for repeatedly surfed sites.

    You can chat on your sites or any site while surfing other sites using this sidebar applet.

    AdBlock +
    This gets rid of ads. However, do know that some sites have scripts that can detect this and won't let you look at them until you unenable it. I like it anyway. :)

    You can use this to save your favorite posts, or anything you wish to keep a note of, with the link to it.

    Disable Autoplay
    If you are like me and hate automatic music players, this disables them from starting automatically. You still have the ability to use the play menu on that player.

    Like a site, but hate it's skin or font? You can personally customize a site's appearance to personal specifications.

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