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    Hi there! I am new to the forum and fell upon it while searching for CSET study help. I’ve now taken all 3 subsets and while statistically based on my number of guesses, I think I passed, time will tell. In my research, I found some of the topics that were covered in short answer and I wanted to pass them along because all four of the questions on my test were from this list. Mind you, the test changes regularly but it’s worth covering these topics in depth even for multiple choice prep:

    - Analyze student’s spelling
    - Explain tone of given excerpt

    - Industrial Revolution
    - Vietnam War/Korean War
    - California Geographical Structures/History
    - Contributions of Muslim civilization
    - Principles of US Constitution
    - Hollywood
    - Reconstruction Era
    - Greek influence
    - Immigration after 1850
    - Geographical features of Egypt
    - CA Economic Boost

    Good luck to all! Keeping my fingers crossed...

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