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    I want to take the Spanish CSET and the CBEST
    I'm not a teacher, but I want to be a Spanish teacher only

    im from Mexico and I have my bachelor's degree from there

    look for resources in the forums and recommend this

    * Brief History of Spanish Literature (Spanish Edition)
    * the harvest of the empire (only that I have not found a version in Spanish, it does not have logic that reads it in English if the exam is in Spanish)

    Anything else they suggest to study?

    I did the test exams on the official website, the problem is that they use many synonyms, my husband is American and he speaks very good Spanish and did not understand what they were asking

    I think the test is a lot of vocabulary and grammar

    What is the difference between the Spanish CSET and the BCLAD?
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    BCLAD in Spanish authorizes the holder to teach in Spanish the subject matter that one's credential authorizes one to teach: an elementary teacher can add BCLAD to a multiple subject credential in order to be authorized to teach elementary subjects in Spanish, and a biology teacher can add BCLAD to a science credential in order to teach biology in Spanish, most often to students whose first language is Spanish or who are in a bilingual dual-immersion program. Getting BCLAD in Spanish requires passing subtests III through V of CSET Spanish.

    A single-subject credential in Spanish authorizes the holder to teach Spanish as a school subject, most probably to students whose first language is not Spanish. For that, one passes subtests I through III of CSET Spanish.
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    not at all.
    You will be surprised.

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