CSET Multiple Subjects -Passed All 3 First Time...Advice Inside

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    Jun 10, 2019

    Hey all. I was a LONG time lurker here and all the positive vibes around here really helped. I wanted to share what I used to study and pass all subtests the first time. Not only did I pass, I didn't get less than 3+'s on any section, multiple choice or constructed response.

    I used Cliff CSET Prep, Kahn academy....BUT THE BIGGEST help was Studydotcom. They have excellent lessons and specific CSET study pages, it was excellent, and the real reason I passed. The info is tremendous and delivered in a fun way! I suggest trying it out, it was worth every penny.

    My other piece of advice is, it is NOT that bad. I built it up in my head, that despite knowing all the info, it was going to be impossible, when i sat down to take the tests I was astonished at its ease. SO take a deep breathe it isn't that bad.

    EDIT* Wanted to add more. I passed the test while attending university. I am 37, and moving into teaching as a new profession. I previously had a BA in Liberal Arts from a University in Massachusetts, so if I can come back and do this, ANYONE can! In all I spent about 2 1/2 months of lots of studying, about 25 hours a week. Dedicate your time and it will pay off!
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