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    Jan 25, 2016

    I am a first year 3rd grade teacher. During my math lessons my kids participate and seem to know what is going on. I can go around the room and ask individual questions and every kid will answer correctly. I pass out the papers and we always do the front side together. The back side they do alone. It is EXACLTLY the same as the front, same concept, just different numbers. I get to grading the papers and I have a couple kids who will BOMB the paper. I have started giving these papers back to correct. I make them attempt to correct it by themselves once and if they still don't understand we discuss.
    My question is should I give partial credit back for corrections they do on their own?
    What do I do to make these certain handful understand?
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    You might want to use those papers as exit tickets and pull kids for reteaching (and enrichment). If it's the same kids all the time who bomb it, or ace it, they may need more differentiation of instruction.
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    I agree with everything that GemStone said. Also, you didn't say whether they do the back side alone at school or as homework. You should probably release them to independent work at school as much as possible. During that time, you can pull the ones who you know will struggle over to your table to support them with it in a small group. You can also walk around, monitoring and supporting during independent work time. That will allow you to catch mistakes before they have completed the entire page incorrectly.
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    Have you considered pulling small groups of those who aren't getting it for re teaching? Also, you could be circulating during the independent work time and addressing those mistakes and misconceptions before they go too far. Truthfully, I'm a bit confused by your assertion that 'every kid will answer correctly' when you ask questions. Maybe look at yor questioning techniques and level of thinking required...

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