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Discussion in 'Substitute Teachers' started by Mr Magoo, Jan 5, 2017.

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    People think older people are dumb, because they are getting old and that
    they don't know anything.

    Example: One of my relatives vehicle is broke down, so they call and ask what to do.

    So, I remember when I was 20 or so years old , the very same thing happened to my car.
    I say * Do, this and that. My relatives spouse, talks over me * Like a know it all. (Of course that situation has never happened before to the Quote * Know it all.)

    They don't want to hear me. So, the vehicle is broken, and my relative is saying * We might have to sell the house !

    I suppose, when the weeds grow up around the vehicle, I might try again. * You know, if you do * This and that. You could fix it ? And if they ignore me again, I will offer $50.00 for the vehicle and spend $5.00 and fix it. (Why don't I do that now? They live on the other side of the state and I am getting too old to go around fixing things like I used too)

    I suppose , I might try to fix it myself in a few years, next time I am over there. If I can.

    Another Example: I was subbing Welding. I told the students * hey, when you weld there is a cloud of tiny liquid metal floating around in the air all around you. So, if you put some magnet tape, inside your welding helmet. That stuff will stick to the magnet tape instead of going into your lungs and causing life long problems.

    I think one or two students will do that, the rest I think ignored me.

    They prefer the school of hard knocks , I suppose, that to listen to someone who has experience and already been there.

    Kind of like the student at the intersection a day ago, revving his engine and acting like he wanted to race. (He actually ran the red light.)
    Of course, I just sat there until the light turned green and casually drove through.

    It did remind me of the past, when I was a teen, of course we did not drive plastic vehicles that when you do with them like I know how to do would destroy the motor and tear out the plastic transmission.

    The world changes.
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    Respect (for all people and ages) is diminishing in today's society. Egocentrism is replacing altruism.

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