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Discussion in 'New Teachers' started by BritInUSA, Jun 14, 2019.

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    Jun 14, 2019

    Hey guys,

    I am originally from England, moved to the USA to be with my now wife, and have been working my way back into teaching. I did an alternative route in England and only officially had one year under my belt before I made the move, and it's taken 2 years (state requirements, etc) but now I'm finally going to be back in the classroom as a certified teacher come August! So my first teaching job in the USA! Therefore, I see myself as a new teacher!

    I am at an inner city school, and know culture in the USA is different, so I am pretty nervous, yet still very excited! What advice would you give me? Anything I should do to prepare? I am currently reading 'the first 6 weeks', a book on setting up the class for a successful year in the first 6 weeks. Anything else I should read?

    Also, I am waiting on some other bits from the school district and waiting for my certificate to be processed by the Department of Education. It has been a few weeks since I spoke to the principle at my new school, but I am in contact with the district hire team now and again. Would it be a good idea to drop my new principle an email to let her know where I am at in the hiring process right now? Should I ask her about anything else, curriculum, etc?

    Thank you so much for any help!
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    Firstly welcome aboard! I would definitely ask if there's any professional development (PD) days available in the district both optional and required and about how you could sign up for those. Definitely recommend taking advantage of anything that the district offers in order to prepare. Ask about the curriculum to see if there's a version available somewhere to take a look at.
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    What grade will you be teaching?
    In many areas principals get several weeks off in late June/July, but I would make contact at some point. You could ask to see your room and for teammate information. Also, many districts do a New Teacher Orientation, for staff new to their district.
    Good luck!

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