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    Hello everyone, new member but long time lurker (well for the last two months or so). I stumbled upon this site when looking for ideas of what exactly for study for on the Praxis tests beyond what the ETS pdf gave me. I've found wonderful posts by many members on here and I felt like seeing how other studied helped me and I would like to post my tips as well. I took the Art Praxis and passed on the first try but I do have a background in Art. It's not profoundly deep but I did have a graphic design degree and dabbled in fine arts through out college. This gave me a good base but my history base was somewhat lacking. Anyways, here's how I studied.
    I started out on youtube looking up the various videos on materials and methods but I quickly found they were lacking in scope so I moved onto to searching the net for more examples and better knowledge.
    I focused on researching major painters of the times (as in the top 3 influential of the different eras) and heavily on the techniques of art throughout time.
    I urge anyone taking the test to make sure they are not skipping past printmaking (arguably one of the most important art types since the dawn of man, leading to manuscripts, bibles, newspapers, etc.) or graphic design. I was using and my own interpretation of the ETS pdf and found that I was not expecting Adobe products to be a part of the realm of techniques in the test. I do not think I am breaking any rules by saying, you should familiarize yourself with adobe products, just as you would with various printmaking techniques or the different painting types. It's good to remember graphic design is considered an art form as I know most study guides apparently forgot haha.
    Also, I would advise test takers to take the entire test and then go back to skipped questions they marked fro review as at least 7-10 questions I was slightly confused about were answered by later questions thanks to names mentioned or graphic illustrations. Another tip is familiarizing yourself with artists who are similar. I know this sounds silly but I felt praxis did want to know if I could tell apart to often confused artists. But that's all I'll say about that.
    All in all, if you're looking to take the Art Praxis (i passed with a 176, my state only requires 158) I would advise you focus heavily on knowing your techniques involved with printmaking, pottery making, and throw in some adobe programs. Of course make sure you know your basics of graphite, ink, and painting but I feel like most artists already have their bases in that. I did have some names thrown at me that I had no clue about but I just had to bite the bullet and go with my gut. I would love to help anyone else studying for the art praxis and wish you all luck!
    And I know some people like the raw point stuff so here's mine.
    art making 53/67
    historical and theoretical foundations of art 26/38
    final score 176

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