Anybody ever completed a one-year Bible reading plan?

Discussion in 'Teacher Time Out' started by JimG, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. miss-m

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    Oct 25, 2014
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    Jan 1, 2019

    I'm starting this today. I've never completed a year-long reading plan before (though I've tried many times) but I definitely need something more structured right now. Wish me luck!
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  2. JimG

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    Jul 27, 2017
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    Jan 1, 2019

    Good luck! Where I had failed in previous attempts was missing a day and then giving up soon after since I was no longer on track. In 2018 on my daily reading list, I highlighted each day corresponding to a Sunday in yellow, and each day corresponding to a Wednesday in green. I did this at the beginning, because I anticipated falling behind from time to time. However, this gave me mini goals of getting caught up by the next highlighted day, and that help me stay on track.
  3. Aces

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    Jan 2, 2019

    Jim I commend you on accomplishing this feat. I won't lie and say I've ever felt any desire to do the same, but my husband did uh year before last I believe. It was a whole spiritual adventure for him, he gained a lot of valuable insights. I hope the adventure was equally fulfilling for you.
  4. Joyful!

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    Jan 2, 2019

    Congrats. I am too! I have done it before, and it is always tough to be faithful. It is really hard to grit it out, but it is so worth it!
  5. Ms. I

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    Jan 2, 2019

  6. Khoriah

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    Jan 17, 2019

    Reading through the Bible in a year is one of my goals for 2019. I've already read through the Bible a couple of times in my life, but it's mostly been over an expanse of 2-3 years and was very disorderly. I've done the whole "read through the Bible in a year" thing by following a 365/366-day reading plan and have completed it the two times I've done it (my church assigned it to us in Sunday School), but I found that doing it that way was really draining for me. I also didn't like reading an inconsistent number of chapters per day due to following a "by the book" schedule.

    So, for this year, I'm planning on reading 3-4 pages per day, regardless of the book or chapter. All I did was look at the total number of pages in my Bible and divide it by the total number of days within this year lol, and I came out with 3 pages per day (counting each front and back as a page, so one front + one back = 2 pages). I tried this at the end of last year when I felt like I was dragging my Bible reading out too much and that it was taking too long for me to finish reading it, so I just took the number of pages I still had to finish reading and divided it by the number of days I had left within the year. I ended up reading 6-7 pages per day until the end of 2018, but it worked for me and I finally finished getting through my Bible at the end of last year. Now, I'll be able to take my reading a bit more slowly with 3-4 pages a day and really get to think about what I'm reading. If I finish my reading mid-way through a chapter, I'll usually go ahead and finish the whole chapter or page in order to "get ahead." I also time myself and keep a reading chart on a Google Sheet to take note of how much I'm reading and what I've learned from my daily reading. I don't know if keeping a chart is what other people do, but I've found that keeping a data log helps me and keeps me accountable (I also really like the "reading progress" bar on Goodreads). It generally takes me about 15 minutes to read through what I need to for the day, and I really like knowing how long it's going to take me to read through something.
  7. kellzy

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    Jan 18, 2019

    I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and we have the entire bible (King James Version, 1,590 pages) plus the Book of Mormon (531 pages), the Doctrine and Covenants (295 pages), and the Pearl of Great Price (61 pages). Combined we call them the "standard works." Combined it is 2,477 pages.
    One year in college my friend and I challenged ourselves to read the entire standard works in a year. We could have broken it down by pages, but instead we did chapters, that way if the page requirement ended mid-chapter we wouldn't have to reread to catch up on where we were at.
    We made a calendar with what needed to be read on that date (e.g. January 1; Genesis 1-7). We also built in catch up days, about once a month. Some days required a lot more reading than other days (Psalms and Proverbs took much less time than the days that included very long chapters), and those days that didn't take long I usually used to get ahead in case I fell behind one day. It worked out to be 7 chapters per day.
    We actually did it. How? Holding each other accountable. We checked in with each other daily to make sure that we were caught up and had done our reading. I had two sessions per day: one when I woke up, and one before bed. Depending on the day some of the sessions were longer than others, but average was about 20-30 minutes. I actually think that these days it would be easier because everything is available on your phone and you can just pull it out and read it when waiting in a line or where ever. We still did it though. We got pocket sized versions of the different standard works and carried them with us (backpack during classes, purses when not at school).
    It was hard. I usually spent make-up days reading, and there were some areas (looking at you Numbers) where it was mind-numbing to read. But having the accountability of my friend and the built in make-up sessions made it much easier.
    That being said, would I do it again? Probably not. It was a wonderful experience, I'm glad I did it, but I don't think I got as much out of it as I do when I take my time and study the books, chapters, and verses, rather than just read them. There were days when I was reading just because the calendar told me to, but not because I wanted to, and those days I got literally nothing from it, but to finish I still had to do it.

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