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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by newbie12, Jun 1, 2017.

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    You're more than welcome, anon55.
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    In our back to school packets we also got a form that describes what cameras do and dont' do. It spells out that cameras cannot be used for teacher evaluation or for discipline regarding teaching or classroom management.
    Definitely a good way to use it.
    Of course I'll be signing again this year opting for the cameras in my classroom.
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    [QUOTE="Linguist92021, I'll be signing again this year opting for the cameras in my classroom.[/QUOTE]

    Good luck, Linguist.
    I don't know why administration would fight against progress. Sooner or later, cams WILL BE in every classroom and church, just as they are in every bank and grocery store. They may as well get a head start; parents ought to INSIST upon it.
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    I think though, that principals should say when they are evaluating if they are using the camera. I don't think anyone should be hired to just "watch" all the time unless it's a really tough school. Unless the contract says for students and teachers, "area under camera's". Then, principals could give feedback when needed. The point is, is that we shouldn't have to have cameras. However, the way things are now days, and with cameras pretty much everywhere you walk in, it's necessary and it gives us a sense of security and justice. I know that these types of students are very rare that may try to falsely accuse a teacher, but at least we have PROOF.
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